Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
4166com金沙 Depth sounder(ECHO SOUNDER) FE-800

4166com金沙 Depth sounder(ECHO SOUNDER) FE-800

  • Classification:Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
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    The 4166com金沙 navigational sounder FE-800 displays the clearance below the ship in dual-frequency operation.

    Display the combination of the acquired contour and formation echo readings.

    Recording Interval Settings

    The amount of data used for storage and playback

    5 sec

    1 h

    1 min

    12 h

    2 min

    24 h

    Dual frequency display (50/200 kHz)*

    The depth of FORE and AFT positions can be displayed simultaneously.

    ?Provide multiple display modes: NAV, OS DATA and HISTORY

    ?High Contrast 8.4 "LCD

    ?When connected to the 4166com金沙 remote display RD-20/50, the depth information can be observed at a remote location.

    ?An optional printer interface can be used to print out echograms

    ?Connecting PC with optional data recording software can store, compile and print past data of echogram through PC.

    ?Prepare BAM (Bridge Alert Management)**

    It meets the specific requirements of alarm and interconnection for bridge alarm management in IMO MSC.302(87)

    ** BAM functions will be implemented as software updates after the release of products in early 2015.

    ?Depth data over the past 24 hours can be stored in internal memory

    For the amount of data stored and played on FE-800, see "HISTORY" on the right page. With the optional PC software, when the recording interval is set to 5 seconds, sound information can be stored and played for 24 hours.

    ?Visual and auditory alerts

    When the water depth below the transducer is shallower than the preset depth, the FE-800 will give an alarm. When the seabed is lost due to reduced or out-of-range power supply, an alarm will be issued.

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