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Feasibility of FBB equipment for onboard communication

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With the diversification of ship communication equipment, more and more ships use ship broadband FBB equipment to realize daily communication functions.

The equipment has the following characteristics:

The system supports a variety of business types, including data, voice, image, etc; FBB has compact design structure, low power consumption, low cost and convenient installation; The networking is flexible and independent, and the network structure, technical performance, equipment characteristics and network management can be designed and adjusted according to the requirements of users; It can be networked with computer and ISDN.

Feasibility of using ship broadband FBB equipment for onboard communication

FBB's terminal access technology is based on Ethernet. It exchanges information reliability through TCP / IP protocol, establishes an internal special marine internal communication network, realizes information sharing through the onboard communication broadband network, and completes the internal communication of the ship. FBB terminal has 4 LAN connectors connected to IP telephone equipment. The equipment configuration is completed by adding built-in network interface, and up to 16 terminal equipment can be connected.

The maximum distance from each terminal to the connector can reach 80m. The distance between 16 terminals and 80m basically meets the needs of general ships. Just install some equipment and make necessary settings for the equipment to realize the internal communication of the ship using FBB.

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