Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
KLG-A/B Engineer Alarm Host

KLG-A/B Engineer Alarm Host

  • Classification:Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
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    Alarm equipment used in engine room or centralized control room of ship. When the machinery and equipment in the engine room fails, an alarm can be sent to the personnel related to the engine room. The product has the advantages of convenient use, beautiful appearance, small size, etc., and meets the working conditions of marine environment.


    Two-way voice intercom, alarm calls with LED instructions

    Extension can answer the alarm call of host computer and talk to host computer.

    When an external alarm signal is input (closed contact), the host automatically calls all extension machines in groups.

    Automatic switching of main and standby power supply and sound and light alarm signal when main power is out of power

    Main Technical Performance

    Extension routes: KLG-A mainframe can connect 12 extension routes, KLG-B mainframe can connect 6 extension routes.

    Call Sound Level: The host is no less than 85dB and the extension is no less than 82dB.

    Power supply: main power supply DC312V ~ 192V backup power supply DC312V ~ 192V3 protection level: embedded P20, wall IP44.

    Environment temperature:-10~+55℃

    Humidity:Not more than RH95%

    Installation Mode

    Installation mode of main engine and extension is divided into wall mounting mode and embedded mode. The connection between extension and main engine is two-wire system.

    System wiring diagram


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