Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
KSG-8Q Embedded alarm indicator

KSG-8Q Embedded alarm indicator

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    KSG alarm and alarm indicator are suitable for ship engine room and other locations. When the alarm indicator control box receives the alarm signals from other alarm systems, general emergency alarm, fire alarm, CO2 alarm, bilge water alarm, engineer's alarm, fault of truck, telephone call and car clock call are sent out through the alarm or alarm indicator to assist the sound and light alarm signal, which is convenient for the staff to process quickly. The products conform to the relevant specifications of CCS and IMO and are suitable for all kinds of ships.

    Model and System Configuration

    It consists of an alarm indicator controller box (hereinafter referred to as the control box) and an alarm indicator. A control box can be configured with more than one alarm indicator.


    System Composition

    1KSG-1K/2K/3KAlarm indicator control box15kg/17kg/14kgIP44used for ECR/Engine room
    2KSG-6Alarm indicator12kgIP44used for Engine room
    3KSG-8Alarm indicator13.6kgIP44used for Engine room
    4KSG-6QFlush type alarm indicator0.9kgIP20used for ECC
    5KSG-8QFlush type alarm indicator0.9kgIP20used for ECC
    6KVL-2Alarm2.2kgIP56used for Engine room
    7KJX-6DJunction box3.5kgIP22used for ECR/Engine room

    Technical Performance

    Power supply for control box:

    KSG-1K、KSG-2K:The main power supply is AC 242V~198V 50Hz/60Hz and the standby power supply is DC 312V~19.2V.

    KSG-3K:Main and standby power supply are AC 242V~198V 50Hz/60Hz

    Input Type Switching Signal for Disconnecting or Closing Alarm

    Output power of control box:KSG-2K/3K is 400 W and KSG-1K is 200 W.

    KSG-6、KSG-8:Power less than 25W, sound level: 105dB~120dB

    KSG-6Q、KSG-8QPower less than 5W, sound level: 90dB~100dB

    KVL-2 sound level:105dB~120dB

    Input signal and alarm tone see table



    1. The connection cables of alarm indicators are all connected by CHEFP 2 x 2 x 1 communication cables, and the outer shield layer should be grounded reliably.

    2. When wiring, the "A, B,+, -" from the control box to the report indicator should correspond one by one, so that the equipment can not be damaged.

    3. When the length of the cable from the alarm indicator to the control box is greater than 100 meters, the cross-sectional area of the cable shall be greater than 25 square millimeters; when the length is greater than 200 meters, the cross-sectional area shall be greater than 4 square millimeters.

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