Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
YDC-0.5-5G Wall type speaker

YDC-0.5-5G Wall type speaker

  • Classification:Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
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    YDC-0.5-5G 壁式扬声器


    It is used for all kinds of ships except passenger ships. It can be used for broadcasting, commanding, intercommunicating, shouting and entertainment broadcasting. It can also be used for general emergency alarm signal and fire alarm signal. It can also be used for offshore platforms and ports.

    System Composition

    KPA-1MPublic Address Host44KgIP20
    2KPA-1SPublic Address Main Unit12KgIP20
    3KPA-1QFlush Type Public Address Main Unit12KgIP20
    4KRM-1ZPublic Address remoter1.8KgIP20
    5KRM-1FWeatherproof remoter6.9KgIP56
    6KRM-1GWall type remoter2KgIP44
    7KRM-1QFlush type remoter1.8KgIP20
    8YDC-□QFlush type speaker1KgIP20
    9YDC-□GWall type speaker1.1KgIP20
    10YDC-□PWall type speaker1KgIP44
    11YDC-□KCeiling speaker0.8KgIP20
    YDC-□TSpeaker in washroom0.8KgIP56
    13YHC□-1Horning speaker15Kg(50W/100W)IP56
    14KCZ-1MIC plug in both sides0.18KgIP20

    Main Functions

    1. There are two independent effects.
    2. Two sets of main power supply and emergency power supply have two functions respectively. When the main power supply is power-off, the emergency power supply is automatically converted to emergency power supply.
    3. The main engine output is 7 routes: screaming, deck 1, deck 2, post 1, post 2, deck 1, deck 2.
    4. The public broadcasting host and remote control station have protective functions, which can only be used with permission.
    5. There is MIC voice input on the main panel of public broadcasting, and one or more speakers can be selected for output.
    6. When the public radio remote control station remotely controls speech or has alarm input, it has the function of forcing full volume output of loudspeaker.
    7. When an alarm occurs, the main console installed in the cab has any other automatic over-control function of input system or program. It can interrupt the alarm to make an emergency speech, and has the function of forcing full volume output when speaking.
    8. Program-controlled telephone linkage, through which public broadcasting host can be activated for broadcasting speech.
    9. The main remote control station can communicate with the sub-remote control station.
    10. The system has general emergency alarm and fire alarm interface, which can be used to send out general emergency alarm signal and fire alarm signal.
    11. FM and AM radio and entertainment playback.
    12. Control priority of public broadcasting host: Emergency speech of main remote control station - MIC speech of host computer - remote control speech (including telephone remote control) - Entertainment playback, interruptible low-level operation of advanced operation.
    13. Wireless remote control function can be added according to customers'requirements. Public broadcasting host can be activated by VHF walkie-talkie and single or multiple speakers can be selected for output.

    Installation Notes

    1. The equipment should not be overloaded, the shouting loudspeaker should not exceed the power of the power amplifier, and the total power of the other three loudspeakers should not exceed the power of the power amplifier, so as not to damage the equipment or reduce the service life of the equipment due to overload.
    2. When the equipment is working normally, if the volume decreases too much when connecting any loudspeaker group, it means that the load is too heavy or there is a short circuit on the outside line. It should be checked immediately and turned on again after troubleshooting. If the fuse is burnt down, the cause should be clearly explained. After troubleshooting, the fuse with the same capacity should be replaced. Copper wire should not be used to replace the fuse, so as to avoid burning down the equipment.
    3. The number of cable cores between remote control station and loudspeaker is not less than 1 mm2. The shielding net and shell should be connected reliably. The three lines of loudspeaker with volume adjustment should be connected in sequence.
    4. The installation position of public broadcasting remote control station should avoid loudspeakers, so as to avoid screaming, especially when the loudspeakers with higher power can not be directed at the remote control station, and when the remote control is also operated by telephone, the telephone should avoid the installation of loudspeakers.
    5. The AC voltage used in the system should be maintained within 198V~242V, and the DC voltage should be maintained within 192V~28V, and attention should be paid to the positive and negative polarity.


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