Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
AN-RJ Emergency alarm button

AN-RJ Emergency alarm button

  • Classification:Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
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    In order to determine the working status of individual duty officers, the system will notify senior crew or other personnel to take measures when the duty officers lose their ability to work due to accidents, injuries or security violations (such as being hijacked by pirates). In addition, when an emergency occurs, the duty officers can call urgently. The product meets the requirements of MO A. 1021 (26) and is applicable to all kinds of ships.

    System Composition

    1KBJ-RPersonnel Alarm Controller2KgIP20
    2AN-RReset button0.15KgIP44
    3AN-RJEmergency alarm button0.15KgIP44
    4AN-RSControl box0.2KgIP44


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