Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
DK7-1 Weatherpoof alarm button

DK7-1 Weatherpoof alarm button

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    1. The KGA general emergency alarm system is designed according to the relevant specifications of CCS and SOLAS. It can be used in general emergency alarm system, and can also be connected to public broadcasting system, so that the alarm signal can cover the whole ship through the broadcasting loudspeaker. The alarm board uses large scale integrated circuit and microprocessing technology, which can produce a variety of alarm signals.

    II. Input Interface

    The general emergency alarm board is equipped with general alarm button and manual alarm button. It can also be connected with external alarm button. It is generally located near the lifeboat or other locations.

    III. Output Interface

    Alarm interface: output 24V DC voltage to the bell, current 20A, can be increased as required.

    Broadcasting interface: The alarm signal covers the whole ship through the broadcasting loudspeaker.

    The cabin alarm lamp board interface: the alarm signal extends to the cabin; the output of passive contacts is often opened.

    Fog flute control board interface: control the fog flute to send signals according to the rhythm; often open passive contact output.

    Entertainment equipment interface: during alarm period, control entertainment equipment shutdown; often open passive contact output.

    Note: Output contact capacity is AC250V/1.5A or DC24V/1.5A

    IV. Technical Indicators

    Power supply: DC24V + 30% AC220V200mA (excluding bell current)

    Installation Method: Embedded Installation Size: 126 x 222 (mm)

    Embedding size: 124 *210 *86 (mm)

    System Composition

    1KGA-1General Emergency alarm Controller2KgIP20Wheelhouse
    2KPX-1/2/3Power box11KgIP22Indoor
    3DK7-1Weatherpoof alarm button0.5KgIP56Outdoor
    4KGA-1AAlarm remote controlbox3.6KgIP56Beside the lifeboat
    5KJX-6R/12R6/12 Way fuse box3KgIP22Indoor
    6KVL-1Audible and visual alarm0.5KgIP44Cabin/ Indoor
    7KVL-1PAudible and visual alarm0.5KgIP22Indoor
    8KVL-1F/1FJWeatherpoof audible and visual alarm0.7KgIP56Cabin/ Outdoor
    9KV-1Wall type alarm0.2KgIP44Indoor
    10KV-1PWall type alarm0.3KgIP20Indoor
    KV-1TWeatherpoof alarm0.5KgIP56Toilet


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