Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
AN-Y Hospital Call Button

AN-Y Hospital Call Button

  • Classification:Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
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    It is suitable for large and medium-sized ships with wards. It is an effective tool for calling doctors on duty in wards. The call system consists of call buttons installed beside beds, controllers installed with doctors on duty and alarms installed in other locations. When the patient calls with a button, the controller sends out sound and light alarm signals, while the external alarm signals. The controller panel is equipped with call indicator lights, call position indication, muffler keys, etc.


    The call button has a light indication and can indicate the call status and response status.

    When there is call input, the controller can display the call location.

    Contact signal can be output when there is a call.

    1KBJ-YHospital Call Controller1.2KgIP20
    2AN-YAlarm button0.15KgIP44
    3BL-YWall alarm0.5KgIP44

    Main Technical Performance

    Call Sound Level:>90dB

    Power supply:DC24V±20%30%

    Protection Level: The controller is IP20, the call button is IP44, and the alarm is IP44.

    Environment temperature:-10~55℃

    Humidity:no more than RH95%


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