Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
4166com金沙 marine radar

4166com金沙 marine radar

  • Classification:Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
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    The 12.1-inch color radar FR-8045/8065 is equipped with state-of-the-art signal processing technology, making it easier to detect targets even in heavy rains or poor visibility. FR-8045/8065 can recognize rainwater and sea surface reflection, capture and track moving rain clouds while eliminating unnecessary echoes. In tracking the movement of other ships at sea, "true motion wake" can be enlarged as AIS/TT target tracking. Thanks to the "true vision" mode, radar echoes move smoothly on the screen interface as the ship moves.

    Black Box Navigation Radar

    Excellent small target detection capability

    S-band can maintain stable detection under all weather conditions (FAR-21375-BB).

    Even in harsh sea conditions, advanced signal processing can produce very clear images.

    Automated plotting/tracking of 100 manually or automatically acquired targets.

    Processing up to 1000 targets (requiring separate AIS receivers).

    Using trajectory ball and rotating menu selector makes the operation simple and clear.

    Four radars can be connected to the network without additional shared radar image devices.

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