Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
AN-L Refrigerator Alarm Repeater

AN-L Refrigerator Alarm Repeater

  • Classification:Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
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    It is suitable for all kinds of refrigerated cargo holds and food refrigeration places. When the doors of the above-mentioned places cannot be opened from inside, an alarm signal of mis-closing can be sent out. The product has the advantages of convenient use, beautiful appearance, small size, etc., and meets the working conditions of marine environment.


    The alarm button has light indication and can indicate alarm status and response status.

    When there is alarm input, the controller can display the alarm position.

    Contact signal can be output when there is an alarm.

    System Composition

    1KBJ-LCold Storage Call Alarm Controller1.6KgIP44
    2AN-LAlarm button0.15KgIP56
    3BL-LWall alarm0.5KgIP44
    4KBJ-LQFRefrigerator Alarm Repeater1.2KgIP20

    Main Technical Performance

    Call Sound Level: No less than 90dB

    Power supply: DC24V + 20%

    Protection Level: The controller is IP44, the call button is IP56, and the alarm is IP44.

    Ambient temperature: - 10 ~ 55 C

    Humidity: not more than RH95%


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