Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
KWD-1 Fog flute controller

KWD-1 Fog flute controller

  • Classification:Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
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    In order to control device of ship sailing in a fog horn, can choose automatic or manual mode with different rhythm, but also can be extended to the general emergency alarm signal whistle. With manual control, the solenoid valve Mo type lamp heating, fog horn / fog lamp selection function, applicable to all types of ships.

    Technical Parameter

    Power supply:

    When AC 242V~198V/50Hz/60Hz is input, the output voltage of solenoid valve is DC220V (1.5A) or contact (5A).

    When input DC31.2~18V, output solenoid valve is contact (5A)

    Heating: Heating time is 1 minute, AC220V1A or contact (5A)

    Input type: Closed alarm switch.

    Output Contact Capacity: AC230V1A, DC24V5A

    Ambient temperature: - 10 ~ 55 C

    Humidity: not more than RH95%

    No.Auto control sequenceTime interval
    1One long120s
    2Two long120s
    3One long and two short120s
    4One long and three short120s
    6One long60s


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