Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
4166com金沙 VDR VR-7000

4166com金沙 VDR VR-7000

  • Classification:Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
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    Recording all important data to determine the causes of maritime accidents and to help prevent various types of disasters in the future.

    ?IMO Performance Standards Complying with VDR and S-VDR

    Data stored in fixed and non-floating recording media for 48 hours

    Data collection unit stores data for 30 days / 720 hours in SSD

    Radar 1,2 and main ECDIS display images can be stored

    * 4166com金沙 Radar FAR-3000/FCR-2xx9 series or 4166com金沙 ECDIS FMD-3200/3300 can display up to five images, which can be stored simultaneously through Ethernet without SSD.

    * Radar and ECDIS images can be recorded every 15 seconds.

    ?Easy to integrate with IBS network

    *Radar and ECDIS using the LAN interface based on IEC 61162-450 can be connected through Ethernet.

    ?Video LAN converters can convert radar signals (DVI or RGB) into Ethernet

    * Connect the 4166com金沙 radar FAR-15x8/FAR-2x7, ECDIS FEA-2107/2807 or third-party manufacturer's products to VR-7000/7000S if necessary.

    ?Optional sensor adapters collect all serial/analog/digital sensor data and feed them centrally to the DCU.

    Multiple sensor adapters can be connected depending on the number of sensors to be connected.

    ?"Live Player V5" allows monitoring and playback of collected data on PCs

    ?The extracted data can be stored in USB flash memory.

    ?Providing Global Customer Support and Services through 4166com金沙 Global Service Network

    Simplified Voyage Data Recorder VR-7000S

    ?Meet the IMO performance standard of S-VDR, MSC 163 (78)

    ?S-VDR Transportation Requirements for Existing Cargo Ships Over 3,000 GT

    ?Optional DRU: Fixed DRU or Floating DRU

    ?Preservation function

    If a maritime accident occurs, the data recorded in the compressed space should be recorded in the safe storage area for long-term recording through this function.


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