Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
KSC-1J single way batteryless telephone with noise-proof headset

KSC-1J single way batteryless telephone with noise-proof headset

  • Classification:Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
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    Scope of Use

    It is designed and manufactured according to the relevant standards of marine products for internal communication and emergency liaison between large and medium-sized ships. The equipment has the characteristics of large volume of voice and convenient use.


    Direct telephone: It is operated by two direct telephones docking with direct telephone.
    Command Telephone: The command telephone system consists of a electrified telephone and 2-12 direct telephone organizations. The switchboard and the single telephone can communicate with each other. When the switchboard and any single telephone are talking, the other single computers can be inserted to talk with the switchboard.
    Gateway telephone: Gateway telephone system is composed of several Gateway phones. Any telephone can communicate with one of the others, which can work in many pairs at the same time. The capacity is 12 doors.
    Key Call: There is a call key on KSC series telephones. When DC24V is powered normally, it can call the other party directly. When power is off, it can be called by hand generator. The telephones work normally in the range of 15-35V.
    Anti-noise function: The telephone used in engine room can be equipped with anti-noise head-mounted transmitter, and can talk in 110 dB noise environment. All KSC series sound telephones have terminals for flash-light bell group.

    Equipment Composition

    KSC-1GWall type single way batteryless telephone1KgIP44
    2KSC-12G12 Line wall type selective batteryless telephone1KgIP44
    3KSC-1Qflush type single way batteryless telephone0.8KgIP20
    4KSC-12Q12 line flush type selective batteryless telephone0.8KgIP20
    5KSC-1Jsingle way batteryless telephone with noise-proof headset1.2KgIP44
    6KSC-12J12 line selective batteryless tel with noise-proof headset1.2KgIP44
    7KSC-1FW.T direct batteryless telephone6.9KgIP56
    8KSC-12F12 Line W. T selective batteryless telephone6.9KgIP56
    9RL-1Relay box0.8KgIP44
    JXHcommand conne ction box3.8KgIP22
    6JXH/12JXH6/12-way selective connection box3.8/9.6KgIP22
    BL-1Flashing light signaling unit0.8KgIP44

    Technical Parameter

    Ring loudness: > 80dB
    Call gain: direct > 18dB, strobe > 12dB
    Sound enhancement power supply voltage: DC24V + 35% 0.3A
    Relay box contacts: AC220V0.3A or DC24V/1A
    Ambient temperature: indoor - 10 +55.
    Dangerous environment: - 25 ~ + 50 65507
    Environmental Noise:<85dB; When Anti-Noise Headwear Sends to Receiver <110dB
    It has anti-vibration, anti-rolling ability and anti-moisture, anti-mildew and anti-salt fog measures.


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