Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
KAT Marine SPC Exchange

KAT Marine SPC Exchange

  • Classification:Marine Internal and External Communication Navigation System
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    1, use
    KAT series marine program-controlled telephone exchanges are equipments that provide automatic telephone service for large and medium-sized ships. It can be equipped with various marine automatic telephone sets and other supporting communication equipment, and can form a complete automatic telephone system.
    2, characteristics
    It has the advantages of fast conversion speed, accuracy and reliability, and can provide a variety of special telephone services, such as flexible coding, hotline number, remote control broadcasting, forced busy line, wake-up and other functions. It has the characteristics of small size and low power consumption. Modular design facilitates installation and maintenance. The power supply of this machine is AC-DC dual-purpose. When AC power is cut off, it can be directly switched to 24V DC standby power supply to ensure uninterrupted communication.


    1. Arbitrary elastic coding can realize the mixed use of 1-4 bits.
    2. Call transfer. Users can transfer their calls to the inside/outside line number, and can turn on or off busy transfer, unanswered transfer and immediate transfer.
    3. Hotline coding. Extension can set the commonly used and urgent inner/outer line number as a hotline, and call the set number directly after the delay of the lift.
    4. Multi-level telephone calls are limited. Extensions can be divided into five levels. They can limit international calls, domestic calls, information stations and so on. Extension calls can also be restricted.
    5. Extension has many practical functions, such as alarm clock service, telephone conference, interference-free, strong interpolation, call protection, etc.
    6. Broadcasting speech, the switch can be connected with the public broadcasting system, and the advanced extension can command the ship's order through broadcasting.
    7. It has the voice function of users. Users can hear all kinds of practical voice services on the extension, such as announcing the time, announcing their own extension number and so on.

    Technical Parameter

    1. Applicable environment
    Ambient temperature: - 10 ~ + 50 C
    Relative humidity: When the temperature is + 40 C, the relative humidity is 95%.
    Atmospheric pressure: 86-106 Pa
    2. Main Technical Indicators
    User Interface: User Analog Interface, 24V Feed
    Relay Interface: Loop Relay Line, Inlet Ring Flow, Outlet Dual Audio
    Transmission Characteristics: Extension-Extension<5dB Extension-Relay <5dB
    Crosstalk loss: greater than 68dB
    The unbalance degree to the ground is 300-600 Hz (> 40 dB).
    Adaptive telephone: Pulse telephone, whose sending speed is 8-12PPS, intermittent ratio is 1.3:1, dual-audio automatic telephone.
    User Feed Voltage: 24V
    Circuit Conditions: Loop Resistance of Subscriber Line < 1Kg
    Interline Capacitance<0.5 UF
    User feeding current (> 20 mA).
    Power supply: AC 220V + 10% 50/60Hz DC 24V + 4V, power consumption 30-50W (depending on the number of extension)

    System Composition

    1KAT-□MAutomatic telephone(32-64)line26.5KgIP22
    2KAT-□SAutomatic telephone(16-32)line26.5KgIP22
    3KAT-1GWall-type automatic telephone1KgIP44
    4KAT-1QEmbedded automatic telephone0.9KgIP20
    5KAT-1TDesktop automatic telephone0.5KgIP20
    6KAT-1JNoise-proof automatic telephone1.8KgIP24
    7KAT-1FWater-proof automatic telephone6.8KgIP56
    8RL-1Relay box0.8KgIP44
    9BL-1Flash bell splitter0.8KgIP44
    KFX-6~24Junction box(6-24 pairs)3.8-9.6KgIP22


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