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Kepuni carries out expansion training for new employees

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From November 18 to 20, Taizhou kepuni communication equipment Co., Ltd. carried out new employee development training activities.

The training kicked off in the song of "we workers have power" sung by all employees.

At the new employee mobilization meeting on November 18, Cui Xiaofei, chairman of the company, expressed a warm welcome to the new employees. He said that from today on, you have become a member of Taizhou kepuni communication equipment Co., Ltd. as a new force of the company, on such a good platform, I hope you can unify your thoughts, unite, strengthen your faith and develop with the company. I hope you can respect each other, understand each other and learn from each other in this big family. Chairman Cui put forward four requirements for new employees: first, love post

Be dedicated and cherish your post. We should carry forward our spirit of being willing to bear hardships, being brave to take responsibility, being tenacious and willing to contribute, and settle down to work conscientiously and steadfastly at our posts. Second, adapt to the environment and integrate into the team. We should change our mentality as soon as possible, integrate into the new working environment, develop a good sense of teamwork, strengthen organizational discipline, and improve our quality in the development of the company as soon as possible. Third, strengthen learning and be good at thinking. We should maintain good learning habits, apply the learned knowledge to practice, accumulate practical experience and keep up with the development of the company

。 Fourth, strengthen responsibility and have the courage to take responsibility. Think about problems and do things step by step, be down-to-earth, diligent, do not make superficial articles, do not perfunctory things, pay attention to the arranged work and tasks in advance, pay attention to efficiency, and can not form the habit of procrastination and bargaining.

In the afternoon, the deputy director of the company's human resources department introduced in detail the company's organization chart, the responsibilities of each department and the specific division of labor of the members of the leading group in the form of PPT. It focuses on the six systems closely related to everyone, such as recruitment, training, attendance and leave management system, welfare and title evaluation, and answers the questions raised by new employees one by one.

At the training meeting on November 19, the general manager of the company introduced the development process, corporate culture and future development direction of the company to the new employees in detail. At the same time, they exchanged and interacted with new employees on "the purpose of learning" and "me in ten years". By citing examples of their own career development, new employees have more understanding and understanding of their future career mentality. He hoped that everyone would keep in mind the extraordinary journey the company has taken, cherish the good time now, and take practical actions to make the Copernicus brand bigger and stronger; First, we should establish firm ideals and beliefs and achieve life with the help of the platform. Second, we should work hard and achieve maximum value in ordinary posts. Third, we should strengthen the study of professional knowledge, save capacity and be ready to take on major responsibilities at any time.

The vice chairman of the company explained the company's cadre and personnel management, post promotion, and other related work at the training meeting for new employees. He hoped that everyone would carry forward the company's corporate culture, improve their own quality, be a down-to-earth man, work sincerely and have strong strength of integrity; Only to find methods for success, not excuses for failure, to change the role and mode of thinking; We should look forward to the past, return to zero, start anew, be brave in innovation and responsibility; To establish the idea of lifelong learning, the way of thinking determines the way out, and we should accurately set a good position for ourselves in combination with our own reality; Work hard, work with emotion,

Work with a sense of responsibility, passion and mission; We should strengthen the awareness of honesty and self-discipline and build a strong ideological defense line against corruption and degeneration.

In the afternoon, the new employee symposium was opened from self introduction, so that employees can break the barriers and understand each other. The company has successively arranged the leading group and department heads to communicate with new employees. Subsequently, the company commended the excellent "teachers and apprentices" and qualified "teachers and apprentices" employees of the company, and some masters and apprentices made exchange speeches.

On November 20, the one-day outdoor development training began. According to the guidance of the coach, the participants were divided into three groups to carry out activities such as team name, singing team songs, making team flags and studying team modeling. Subsequently, a series of team activities including "extreme speed 60 seconds", "water intake in minefield", "survival on an isolated island", "4m graduation wall" and "art party" were completed in the form of team confrontation, which not only eliminated the strangeness among employees and shortened the distance, but also established the team spirit of mutual cooperation and support to a certain extent. Everyone in the activity completed each task with wisdom, sweat, cooperation, mutual encouragement, love and tears. We all have a consensus: an all-round individual is not as good as an all-round team. Only by thinking and working together, daring to challenge and encouraging each other, can we cooperate and win-win and complete each task efficiently.

Through this training, new employees can deeply feel the meticulous care and high attention of the company and leaders to employees. At the same time, I hope all employees will cherish their hard won fate, realize their personal dreams and enterprise dreams together, and work together to create a happy and beautiful tomorrow for Taizhou kepuni communication equipment Co., Ltd!

Taizhou kepuni communication equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of marine power distribution equipment, marine internal communication, marine external communication and other ship supporting equipment.

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